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Ultra Fast Charging solutions

Whether we’re talking about owners of restaurants or retailers who want to increase the attractiveness of their location; logistics or transport companies whose fleets are receiving more and more electric vehicles; or municipal enterprises and energy suppliers who want to respond adequately to the increasing demand of their customers – ultra-fast charging is essential for almost every business segment.

Finally, I can offer my customers a charging solution that allows them to charge their e-cars in less than 5 minutes for every 100km of travel. Carl Fullspeed – Service Station lessee
Since we installed the ChargeBox fast charging solution outside our organic supermarket, we’ve gained a lot of new customers who drive their electric vehicles to us out in the country. Gerda Lovely – Manager of organic supermarket
With ADS-TEC’s ChargeBox fast charging solution, we were able to implement 8 fast charging stations in the car park in front of our shopping centre – in just 2 months. Peter Busy – Shopping centre manager
  • Shopping centres
  • Service stations
  • Companies
  • Public spaces
  • Municipal enterprises
  • Multi-storey car parks
  • Car rentals
  • Sports facilities
  • Airports
  • Energy suppliers
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Amusement parks
  • Residential estates
  • Car dealerships
  • Vehicle fleets

Battery storage-based ChargeBox fast charging solutions from ADS-TEC are used wherever there is a power-limited grid, where there is limited space or where visual or noise-related aspects play a role.

ChargeBox fast charging solutions from ADS-TEC: Fast charging without compromise


Are you interested in a ChargeBox fast charging solution with battery storage technology?

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Ultra fast charging
is now possible everywhere

Our fast charging solution brings everything that service stations, industrial companies, energy suppliers, caterers and restaurateurs need to implement EV fast charging points at their specific locations.


Only 15% of the space required

With compact edge dimensions of 1.26 x 1.26 x 1.35 metres, our storage-based fast charging solution is currently the most compact and efficient fast charging system worldwide. With an installation area of only 1.6 m², the ChargeBox Booster requires just 15% of the space of comparable fast charging systems with a connected medium-voltage system.

With a footprint of just 0.16 m², our fast charging stations can be easily integrated into any structural situation.


Flexible to install

The conceptual separation of battery storage and charging station gives service station operators, logistics companies and energy suppliers almost any freedom in planning and installation.

The ChargeBox Booster can be positioned up to 200 metres from the 400 V mains connection; a further 100 metres of cable distance is possible between the ChargeBox Booster and the ChargeBox Dispensers. This makes the ADS-TEC fast charging system a flexible building block in constructing EV charging infrastructures.


Can be expanded as required

Our ChargeBox fast charging solution can be adapted to the customer’s individual requirements or the upcoming developments on the e-mobility market without any major time or financial effort.

Two ChargeBox Dispensers can be operated on one ChargeBox Booster, providing 160 kW of power for ultra-fast charging of electric vehicles when used simultaneously. Our PowerBooster is suitable for all situations where more charging capacity is needed: Here, even up to 4 fast charging stations can be connected and used simultaneously.


Easy to manage

With Big-LinX Energy, our cloud-based energy management system, service and maintenance tasks can be carried out more efficiently via remote maintenance. Charging processes can be monitored more easily and even additional charging stations can be put into operation more quickly – perfect for service stations, vehicle fleets, logistics companies or public transport.

“The fact that Ultra Fast Charging really only takes minutes left a special impression on me.“

Denis Schuldig
Head of Product and Project Management at TEAG (Thüringen Energie AG) within the field of mobility, after a product demonstration

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