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ChargeBox Booster

Energy storage and energy conversion


5x more power
from the power-limited grid


ADS-TEC’s fast charging solution draws its high electrical power from the specially developed battery storage system – the ChargeBox Booster. The system is designed to be plugged into the ordinary mains power, where it initially charges slowly and at low power, just like a power bank. The stored energy is then delivered to electric vehicles on demand, ultra-fast and up to 320 kilowatts.

5x more power


Developed in Germany and designed for high performance, our battery modules with their high energy density ensure that power is rapidly supplied to the ChargeBox Dispensers.

Our battery modules have almost no aging effects, are individually interchangeable and comply with all current national and international standards and directives.

A dedicated monitoring tool ensures that the battery cells are properly operating over its entire life cycle.

“Microgrid” pilot project

Mobility’s CO2-saving future

“Right in the center of Berlin, for the first time, we’re testing a comprehensive, forward-looking range of CO2-saving mobility options in customer operations at an Aral service station. It ranges from mobility sharing and a battery exchange machine to connections to local public transport. The technological heart of the system are the two ultra-fast charging points, which are supplied by a buffer battery. With this first expansion stage of the “microgrid”, we can also provide ultra-fast charging in places where the local power grid does not provide the technical or commercial prerequisites.”

Alexander Junge
Electrification Director Germany at bp, about a pilot project in Berlin, where the ChargeBox fast charging solution from ADS-TEC is being used

From vision to series production

Decades of experience, unique know-how and a high level of development and production depth make ADS-TEC the perfect partner for forward-looking e-mobility solutions

SystematicHigh Power Charging

Battery technology, battery management, inverter technology, control system, software, cloud monitoring system: All components of our ChargeBox fast charging solution are products of the ADS-TEC Group – 100% developed, produced and operated at locations in Germany.

SystematicHigh Power Charging


ChargeBox Dispenser High Power Charging Fast Charging Station

  • up to 320 kW charging power
  • liquid-cooled charging cable
  • 10-inch sunlight readable touch screen
  • suitable for residential areas

ChargeBox Booster High Power Charging Battery Storage System

  • extremely compact design
  • low-noise operation
  • 140 kWh battery storage capacity
  • rapid IT integration
  • 2 fast charging stations can be connected

PowerBooster Battery Storage System

  • up to 240 kWh battery storage capacity
  • 120 / 280 kVA connection power
  • easy to install
  • integrated Energy Management System
  • for peak shaving and optimization of self-consumption
  • 4 fast charging stations can be connected
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