Big‑LinX® IIoT applications and services

From alarms and notifications
to two-factor authentication.

Problem-free package for smooth operation
  • Coordinated integration of all applications and services
  • Plannable updates and maintenance
  • No need for internal IT specialists
Flexible combination options
  • Various device types (firewall, terminals, IPCs)
  • Versatile functions from our applications
    (e.g X-Remote for remote maintenance)
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How does Big‑LinX® work?
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The right application for any requirements.

With the Big‑LinX® IIoT platform, manufacturers and operators of machines and systems as well as users of devices in different areas, and Industry 4.0 service providers have a powerful modular application system at their disposal for various IIoT requirements.

One Click Remote‑Service

Speed up access to your machine

Dashboards & Dashboard Designer

Create dashboards for entire series of machines

Firmware management

Plan and carry out firmware updates

Virtual machines

Create software templates for machines

Alarms and notifications

Set up individual alarms and recipients

User, permissions and organisational management

Control all access points to your machines and systems

Device management

Create your individual topology for machines

Smartcard and certificate administration

Manage smartcards and certificates for users and devices


Access the desktops of remote devices

Innovative services for a secure IIoT.

The Big‑LinX® IIoT platform has some innovative services that facilitate simple and secure remote service, connection to decentralised systems, as well as device management and IIoT data handling.
WWH - world wide heartbeat
Open, smartcard-protected ADS-TEC communication protocol which sends data securely to the Big‑LinX® server without a VPN tunnel and stores it in the database
China Connection
Secure access to machines in China by means of tried-and-tested, stable access without restrictions
High-security smartcard
High security SIM card for physical encryption and signing of communication channels and data
Smartcard-protected VPN connection including encrypted communication with the machine
Two-factor authentication
The portal login can be secured by means of two-factor authentication using a standard authenticator app or email, in addition to username and password.
plug&play installation
Simple and intuitive installation at the location of use by means of customised, pre-configured firewalls that are ready for connection
Cloud data logging
Clear recording and allocation of a connection, including information about the visitor and duration of the connection
Open interfaces for simple connection to third-party systems
Time series database
Optimised storage of automated average values for visualisation of the dashboards
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Industrial IoT Cloud Solution: What you should consider in your selection

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IIoT data handling
made easy.

Some of our applications & services are ideally suited as a basis for further IIoT activities as for example predictive maintenance, as they can be used to manage and process a wide range of IIoT data from the connected devices.

Hierbei ist es nicht wichtig, um welche Art von Daten es sich handelt, da Big-LinX eine anwendungsunabhängige Lösung ist.

IIoT applications & services

  • Applications: Dashboards, alarms
  • Services: Time series database, WWH, plug&play installation, REST-API

Basis for predictive maintenance

  • Quick overview of crucial IIoT data such as statuses, processes or production parameters
  • Management of all circulating devices from a central location

One IIoT platform
with many special features.

The Big‑LinX®platform has some distinctive features that make it the first choice for anyone who wants to manage predictive and maintenance tasks easily, securely and reliably.

Secure cloud hosting

The complete architecture of Big‑LinX®, including storage and servers, is located in western Europe, where all Big‑LinX® services are also operated. This ensures that the data that is collected and processed is protected as effectively as possible and all processes are absolutely compliant with the applicable regulations and requirements, such as the GDPR.

No code platform

The Big‑LinX® platform makes it possible to implement complex IIoT applications without any programming skills. Machine data can be read and alarms visualised with Big-LinX® – without having to write a single line of code.

Predictive Maintenance

With the help of our IIoT applications & services past and present IIoT data from your devices can be processed and visualized. This enables faster diagnosis, more precise derivation of forecasts and trends, as well as easier formulation of recommendations for action. This provides the ideal basis for needs-based maintenance and results in the reduction of costs and time.

Unique IIoT security concept.
Implemented consistently.

The X-secure concept guarantees Big‑LinX® users maximum IIoT security and ease of use.


The plug&secure IIoT security concept

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“Thanks to Big‑LinX® we can make our service much more efficient.”
Testimonial Avatar Dirk Schmidt, Technical Manager Software/FMS, Amada GmbH

Leading manufacturers and operators of machines and systems opt for Big‑LinX®.
And their success shows that they made the right decision.

"Implementing Big‑LinX® into the terminal makes it possible for us to support our customers and partners fully, easily, reliably and as fast as possible. ADS-TEC is the ideal partner for us, as it has always adapted to our requirements flexibly ever since we began working together"
Thomas Mertes Thomas Mertes, Executive Partner, toolbox GmbH
„Thanks to Big‑LinX® and the ADS-TEC firewall, we are able to grant the remote capability of our producer plants for solid wood processing machines, independent of the operating system. Even with outdated operating systems it is possible to provide remote service by our experts without material risks for the customer network. This as well will contribute to further reduce downtimes for our customers in the future. With the Big-LinX portal we currently manage more than 1,800 plants and machines worldwide. The user control enables us to also provide decentralised service locations with access to plants/machines that are relevant. With ADS-TEC we have found a reliable, secure partner who gives us the chance to grant LifeTime Services. This is one of many building blocks on our way to a continuous digitalisation of the service experience for our customers and installed base.“
Andreas Doikas Andreas Doikas, LifeTime Services/Group / Leitung | Vicepresident, Michael Weinig AG
"Thanks to Big‑LinX® we are able to check in advance which spare parts are required for a service job."
Dirk Schmidt Dirk Schmidt, Technical Manager Software/FMS Amada GmbH
„Thanks to Big‑LinX® we can significantly accelerate the response time and the initial diagnosis on the target system. The downtimes in the event of a malfunction are considerably reduced. If the cause of the malfunction is clearly localised and it is purely a software problem, it can be sol-ved via Big‑LinX® / X‑Remote. By analysing the data via Big‑LinX® LinX of the target system the possible initial deployment of the service technician can be planned and executed in a targeted manner.“
Urs Stäheli Urs Stäheli, Director Software Engineering, HARDINGE
„Our „smart“ ALLROUNDER injection moulding machines are able to „communicate“ as they have Basic Connnectivity with an IIoT-Gateway from ADS-TEC. This enables the provision of process and production data to higher-level software tools and platforms like the ARBURG host computer system ALS or the customer portal arburgXworld. In addition, the remote access to our machines takes place via a secure and encrypted connection. By saying that Big‑LinX® contributes immensely in shortening the response times. Our customers receive a fast, efficient and secure online support from our ARBURG experts in an event of problems.“
Gerhard Würth Gerhard Würth, Bereichsleiter Technischen Abwicklung, ARBURG GmbH + Co KG
Big‑LinX® enables us to monitor our globally distributed battery modules, store their lifecycle data as a digital twin and distirubte software updates to our storage systems and charging infrastructure facilities.“
Sascha König Sascha König, Leiter Services, ads-tec Energy GmbH

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